Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Travel Agent From Across The Pond

Bov Kro
My day was fairly uneventful today.  I am still trying to manage my way through the time that David is away.  This was my 4th (3rd chick-flick) movie night this week.  Tonight's movie, "The Back-Up Plan" was the chick-flickiest of them all and one that I guarantee David would've hated.  And so I settled in, wearing a set of flannel PJs, trying to make the most out of David's trip to Germany.

One sort of neat story came out of today - one that I have to say, "Holy Cow! Technology is amazing"!  While David travels, we talk regularly on Skype.  David does, however, have a German cell phone that he can use while in Germany.  In order to conserve spending Euros on pre-paid minutes, David will call me & ring twice and hang up when he has a moment to talk but is away from the computer.  When I see on caller ID that David called, I in turn call him back as our international calling fees are reasonable.

Like I said, David is in Germany. He is staying in and having meetings in Hamburg but also commuting daily to Husum, Germany for a trade show.  Husum is in northern Germany near the border of Denmark.  David being David (and why I love traveling with jealous that I couldn't be there!) decided that after his work obligations he was going to drive to Denmark for dinner - just because.  And so that is what he did.  He and a guy that he is traveling with headed off to Denmark before heading back to Hamburg.

David called me after he crossed into Padborg, Denmark.  Come to find out, David and his travel partner didn't see much in terms of restaurants in Padborg.  By this point in time, 7:30 pm Denmark (1:30pm EST) the guys were starving and just wanted to eat.  They were tempted to stop for pizza because they were just ravenous.  WHAT?!?!?  You *can't* drive to Denmark for dinner and then just stop for a pizza!!!!  Quickly, I grabbed my laptop, asked the guys where they were and Googled up their location.  Yep, there really didn't seem to be much.  Luckily, I found a place that was a little off the beaten path but not far from where they were.  I pulled up Google maps and the guys talked through describing to me where there were so I could pinpoint their location on a map.  Too cool!!  So here I was in New York, giving driving instructions for a restaurant to David and his travel partner, Dan, in Denmark!

Much better than pizza
Where I led David and Dan to was Bov Kro, which is one of Denmark's oldest inns.  According to the web, the Bov Kro received its royal license in 1566!!!  Yep, this is the way I like to travel - be adventurous.  What a gem of a find.  I know many non-adventurous travelers that would've stopped at the truck stop-like restaurant that was, according to David, the only "obvious" restaurant close to the border.  Or they would've stopped at the pizza place.....but really?? Then what was the point of going to Denmark???  The non-adventurous fall into the same category as people who (very few acceptable excuses for this) travel half-way around the world and eat at a Hard Rock Cafe or TGIFridays.  Huh???  What's the point?? You can get that at home!!.....but I digress. And so, the two guys had a successful trip into Denmark and did NOT have to try "Danish pizza", found (from the help of transatlantic technology) an off the beaten path place to eat while also enjoying a piece of Danish history.  (siiighhh) sooooo jealous :-)

The other day - Polly enjoying a beer at the Husum Brauhaus

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