Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Fun Weekend

Digging for souvenirs - found a book!
David came home from his trip to Germany late on Friday night.  After a week apart we were all excited about Papa's homecoming!  Since I had to drag Madeline out of bed to head to the airport at 11:30 at night, by the time we got home we sent Madeline straight back to bed.  Consequently, she had to wait to see what type of goodies that Papa brought home from his travels.  Madeline, of course, was all too happy to dig through David's suitcase the next morning.  David is really good at getting a huge collection of little goodies.  Nothing too big but a little something from each of his stops so that the collection of small loot makes Madeline (and me) feel like we are being showered in presents....too many to include pictures of all!  For me, many of my goodies were packed with calories.  Although my body doesn't need those calories, I have been enjoying the indulgences.  It is always nice to know that David was thinking of us while he was gone.
A chocolate Eiffel Tower coin

Gummy Bears from Germany
Knoppers from Germany - my favorite!

Saturday we had to get some work done around the house.  Our new pool winter cover  arrived while David was gone.  That is the only thing we were waiting on in order to finish the pool closing process so we needed to take care of that PRONTO.  This process was a hoot though as Saturday was a very windy day.  Trying to open up a 24 foot (+ 3 ft overhang....so what would that be, a 30' diameter?)  pool cover and lift it over the pool (oh yeah, the deck gets in the way too) and secure it without letting it touch the remaining pool water is difficult enough.  Trying to do this on a windy day is like trying to refold a parachute mid-flight after jumping out of a plane.  Not an easy task!  We also puttered with some yard work and while doing so David and I noticed the "wonderful" bowing of one side of our pool.  Grrrrrr.... Yes, the pool was here when we moved in and it is probably about 20 years old but we will be lucky to have this pool  last through the winter.  I guess we now know that we need to save up some extra (extra???what's that??) pennies over the winter.  Sighhhh.....moan....groan.....I can't even *think* about that expense now.

Sounds kind of funny to say that Elmo is as high as a kite!
We DID try to enjoy some of that windy Saturday.  David disappeared into the house and came out with an Elmo kite that we bought a while ago but never had a chance to use.  We attempted flying the kite on our street's cul-de-sac but were not having much luck.  We decided to head over to the field in front of the middle school.  We also grabbed an old kite (giant squid) that we bought in the Outer Banks on the family campout the month after we got married (yes, over 12 years ago!).  Even with the ocean breezes, we were never able to successfully launch that kite way back then, so Saturday was a last ditch effort.  The Elmo kite took off pretty easily.  Due to its flying history, the purple squid had one tentacle in the grave....so close to the trash.  Finally, after much, much, much determination on both mine and David's part the squid launched.  Madeline enjoyed the kite flying but I think I enjoyed it the most.  Why was I so thrilled?  I think I can say that in my 40 years I have NEVER flown a kite.  Yes, David and I attempted to fly the giant squid  many years ago in Outer Banks yet it never soared.  This is the first time that I ever launched a kite and felt its movement as it danced in the wind. What an absolutely relaxing feeling. I LOVED it.
The purple squid flies!!! Can you see it??
Some video footage of the dancing Elmo kite....

On Sunday, the three of us headed out to Becker Farms for some apple picking.  We  enjoyed a mini tractor ride into the orchard and picked a few varieties of apples.  I thought I would *never* use all the apples that we picked yet Madeline has been averaging about 3 apples a day now that we have them at home.....maybe they won't go to waste afterall.  Even still, for a household of 3, we have enough apples to last a loooooong time.  I am not an applesauce making kind of person and David is NOT one to grab an apple for a snack.  So, hear I am with over a 1/2 bushel of apples.....wish me luck!  I think I will make an apple pie tonight. I am making an apple flake pastry for my Candle Party this Thursday night and I am trying to snack on apples too (although I won't match Madeline's pace).  Let's hope these "apple projects" will be enough to unearth us from our mound of apples.  Despite the apple overload, we had a great time picking the apples.  Madeline also enjoyed feeding the goats on the farm and rolling down a huge hill with all the other kids that were there.
Madeline picking apples at Becker Farms

5 bags! What were we thinking?!
Leery at first, Madeline eventually enjoyed feeding the goats.
All in all, it was a great weekend!  It has been wonderful having David home again.  Unfortunately, Monday came and along with it came the work week.  One might argue that "everyday is a weekend" for me since I am a stay-at-home mom. But no, my week consists of keeping the house afloat until Friday when the 3 of us can enjoy the weekend together.  I look forward to the weekends just as much as I used to when I was working.

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