Thursday, September 23, 2010

Got Camo?

Camo Crockpot?? And WHO would spend $50 for THAT??
My dream (not) - to extract my mail from a fish mouth
Back in June, as David and I were driving back (and dragging our feet because we didn't want things to end) from our romantic get-away to celebrate my 40th birthday, we stopped at a mall to stroll and browse.  We stopped into the mall's Bass Pro store and took a look around.  I understand, since Brass Pro IS a hunting/fishing mega store, them having a certain selection of camouflage gear.  But really?!?!?  Does anyone *really* go THIS extreme?  As the Jeff Foxworthy spiels, "You know you are a redneck when...." crossed my mind I felt obligated to snap some photos.  I could only image some country house decked out with ALL THREE of these accessories and think to myself that  a marriage is not so much about  control, but rather mutual respect.  With that said, to the couple who resides in said country house accessorized with enough camo to hide West Virginia, I say , (A) the wife has NO control over her husband  and (B) the husband has no respect for his wife.
Camo gear while channel surfing = work avoidance.  Hubby won't be seen by unsuspecting wife

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