Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Night Before Pre-K

Madeline starts her Pre-K 4's tomorrow. We are all ready. Geez, what a hoopla Mama is making this! What am I ever going to do next year when she starts kindergarten?!?!?

-New school clothes organized and 1st day of school outfit picked out - check!
Madeline chose a dress that we bought that came with a matching dress for her doll.

-School supplies on supply list bought and brought to classroom the night of open house - check!

-Earlier dinner to aim for earlier bedtime - check!

-Tubby-time and clean sheets for a squeaky clean child tomorrow - check!

-New shoes, new dress, new undies & socks laid out for the morning - check!

-Madeline's doll dressed in matching 1st day outfit (no, the doll wont be going to school) - check!

-Beginning of year paperwork filled out, check for milk money, note volunteering myself as room mom all in back pack - check, check, check!

-Freezy packs in freezer ready to put in lunch & snack containers in the morning - check!

-"Teacher Survival Kits" packed up in small gift bags for teacher & teacher aide (school-themed tissue pack, apple scented anti-bacterial gel & strappy holder thing so the gel can be connected to a tote bag, Tylenol, bar of "emergency chocolate" and "tension tamer" herbal tea . No, I am not trying to suck up. I simply remember many of the very thoughtful parents I had when I was teaching) - check!

- Love note/picture to tuck in Madeline's lunch - check!

I am excited and sad about Madeline going back to school. I don't know if I should jump up, click my heels and holler, "Woooo hoooo" or if I should ball up in bed tonight and softly wipe away tears. This is how I am before Pre-K, what will I do before my little girl starts kindergarten?? I guess this is what motherhood will be like from now on as I watch Madeline grow and reach various life milestones. All I ask, Madeline, is please slowwwww down! It is going way too quickly!


Craig and Phyllis said...

Organized???!! My, can you come to my house and get me organized like that? Sounds like M. is all set. That is sweet about the doll dressed the same. I guess they don't sell bug outfits for the boys, do they?! : ) And the teacher gift. Maybe I need to put a hint in my boys' ears about that. Haha

Hope you survive her first day. Did you keep some of that tea for yourself?

(Thanks for the virtual hug).

Lisa and Scott said...

WOW!! Pre-K?!! Good job preparing Mama! hope she has a great day. When Brody is ready for pre-k, you will come to NJ and get him ready too...I didnt think of half the things you wrote! LOL! enjoy!