Saturday, December 26, 2009

Back "Home" Again In Indiana

Okay, I was born and raised (and still live outside of) Buffalo, New York but I have been visiting Michigan City, Indiana (David's hometown) for 14 years now. So, in many ways, after visiting here so often, this sleepy town (located just an hour outside of Chicago) is like a second home to me.

Luckily, Madeline was a trooper in our 7hr (close to record time) marathon drive. Additionally, after our trip Mama-Dirtyfoot had kitchen duty to help coordinate dinner for the Indiana crew. Normally, David's mom would've been the one that was busy in the kitchen. Yet, with her still in a rehab facility while recuperating from her stroke, each of the siblings' families pulled together to coordinate a post holiday meal.

After a gut-buster dinner of turkey breast, ham, kielbasa, pierogi and various sides, the Indiana crew enjoyed some time together. Due the craziness of our travel and the travel of David's brother, Ed's, family we decided to postpone our Christmas gift exchange until earlier in the day tomorrow while we visit with David's mom.

Now, David and I are hangin' in our hotel room as Madeline is *zonked out* in the other room. She not only had a long say but also played very hard with her cousin, Zachary. I will try to offer more photos in my next post. Time to zonk out myself!!.....G'nite!

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Patti said...

It sounds like you're enjoying your time in Indiana. Merry Christmas!