Saturday, December 12, 2009

Update From Indiana

Greetings from Indiana. Yes, it has been quite a while since I posted a blog entry. Life has been a bit crazy. As previously posted, David's mom had a stroke on December 1st. David came home to Indiana last weekend. Yesterday, David, Madeline and I headed back to Indiana for more visiting time and to allow for David to assist in some family matters. David's mom knew that David was coming into town again yet the fact that Madeline and I were coming along were a surprise to her. Mom G. is no longer in the hospital. She has been moved to a rehabilitation facility and therefore Madeline was allowed to visit. (She wouldn't have been able to visit in the hospital) Although the stroke robbed Grandma of her speech, no words were needed to express the thrill of seeing Madeline. Madeline had a few questions about various medical equipment, but overall, things went smoothly. We only had one visit today because David's family had some matters to attend to in the morning and David's mom had a full day of visitors and needed some rest. We will be able to spend more time with her tomorrow.

In the evening, back at the Indiana homestead, I cooked dinner for the family. David's brother, Ed, had to head back to Milwaukee but we were able to share the evening with David's dad, sister Carolyn and brother-in-law Dan. Early in the afternoon, David put up his mom and dad's Christmas tree and after dinner we all pitched in to decorate the tree.

For obvious reasons (above) I have not posted in awhile. Aside from the news from Indiana, we have been busy trying to keep Christmas (and life in general) on track as best as possible. Since it has been a while since I posted, I thought I would share a couple more things. First, check out this picture!! Yes, that is a photo of all white! That is not an error.....that is all snow! David took this picture outside of his office on Thursday. Yep, whiteout conditions....this was the view (or lack of) down Main Street in Buffalo. He was trying to take a picture of a huge Shea's Buffalo (theatre) sign. The crazy thing is, that despite this type of weather condition at David's work, we only had a slight dusting of snow on the grass at our house. This evening, David spoke on the phone with his Uncle Charles, who lives in Austin, Texas. Uncle Charles was fussing about the "cold" weather in Austin (in the 40s). Ummmmm.....On Thursday, it was about 15 degrees in Buffalo with a wind chill factor below zero.....oh, and we still went in the hot tub - outside.

We are also trying to keep things as "normal" as possible for Madeline. Visits to Santa, Christmas shopping, school, dance lessons, and swim lessons. As time zooms by I am in utter amazement at how quickly Madeline is growing up. What progress she is making in her swim lessons. Check out the video below....

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