Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prayers Requested....

David and I got some bad news from Indiana late Tuesday night. David's mom had a stroke and is currently in the hospital. As with many stroke cases, it is too soon to tell how recovery will progress yet, at this time there is some paralysis and lack of speech. Being 500 miles away, there was a total sense of helplessness that both David and I were feeling. We both wanted nothing but to drop everything and rush immediately to Indiana. David was not able to head to Indiana until fact, he is probably visiting his mom for the first time as I type this. I wished I could be there too to support David and the family however David and I both realized that the situation wasn't condusive to a rambunctious 4-year old in tow. So, Mama-Dirtyfoot and Madeline sit, anxious, concerned and feeling helpless....waiting for telephone updated from David. Hug, kisses and prayers from you would be greatly appreciated.


Sam said...

Hi Amy

David's mother will certainly be in my prayers for a speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers will be with the whole family. Shirley

Amy said...

Thanks, Shirley!