Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Funny One-Liners

Kids say the darnedest things, and Madeline is no exception to the rule. This picture was taken Sunday morning. The three of us, Mama, Papa & Madeline, colored together in a giant coloring book. There were 3 princes and a princess on the paper. Papa colored the prince on the far left, Madeline's was in the middle and mine was on the far right. As I colored my prince with brown hair and brown eyes I told Madeline that I was coloring the "Papa Prince". Without missing a beat, Madeline exclaimed, "That's not Papa! Papa's hair is gray"!

Later the same day, I was setting aside a new Ariel bathing suit that we bought for Madeline. The suit needs to be exchanged because it is too big. Madeline told David that he can exchange it when he goes to China (When David went to China we explained to Madeline that Princess Mulan comes from China.) After telling Madeline that although her bathing suit was probably made in China, David was not going to China. We did, however, tell Madeline that pretty soon Papa is going to a different country - Germany. I said to Madeline, "Guess which princess comes from Germany". Although I was looking for Sleeping Beauty as an answer, Madeline guessed, "Cinderella"? "Nooo", I responded.
"Snow White?""
Finally, Madeline took another guess. "Uncle Jon??" While trying to control laughter I asked, "Is Uncle Jon a princess"? "Yes", Madeline responded. Ohhhhh too funny! I had to call Jon to tell him that one!

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