Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Papa's Travel Companion

I think David had a little toooo much fun on his business trip. Ok, I know he worked hard but on his down time, David and Polly spent a lot of time together! Who is Polly?? Well, I'll get to that later....

First, I want to tell you about one of David's side trips while traveling. I guess, first, I should mention that David has been in Germany for the past week. He traveled to Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Nuremberg and Berlin. His first stop was to Frankfurt. David and I spent a night in Frankfurt on the way to Russia (2nd trip) to bring Madeline home. While there, we visited St. Bartholomew's Cathedral, said a prayer and lit a candle. During David's stop in Frankfurt, David made the time to find his way back to St. Bartholomew's for a prayer of thanksgiving. He also, lit a candle and placed it in the exact same spot we did on our first trip. What a great hubby!

Now, as for Polly.... When David was preparing to leave for his trip, Madeline gave David two toys to take with him so that he would have something to play with on the plane (AAwwwww!). Madeline offered up a Woodstock and a Polly-Pocket doll. In the evenings, Madeline and I would talk to David on Skype (video calls) and Polly would inevitably peek her head onto the screen while we were talking. Madeline got a huge kick out of this. So David took it one step further and took Polly sightseeing. I think that the co-worker that was traveling with David probably started questioning David's sanity however David was having a good time with it and Madeline and I were enjoying the photos. Below are the adventures of Polly.

Overlooking wineries in Stuttgart, Germany

Hard Rock Cafe in Munich, Germany

On the streets in Nuremberg, Germany

Polly at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany


Rebekah said...

Way to go, David! What a great daddy!

Craig and Phyllis said...

I think he get the Father of the Year Award!!! How sweet!