Sunday, March 21, 2010

Madeline's "Date"

Okay, okay, I must clear the air. I will do so in a public forum. I admit, I have "pre-arranged" two marriages for Madeline. My good friend Kelly has a son, Owen, who is two years ago. After Owen's birth, Kelly and I would joke around that we were going to arrange the marriage of Madeline and Owen. Gosh, Owen is such a cutie and I know that Madeline already loves Kelly and Owen's sister Hailey so, we are good to go!

Well, Kelly follows my blog and usually reads the adoption blogs that I have linked to on the right side of my blog. A while back I posted an entry announcing the blog, "Bringing Marat Home". The author of the blog, Lisa, went to the same high school as I did. Although she is a year younger than I and we didn't necessarily hang in the same crowd in high school, we reconnected through mutual friends on Facebook. Since Lisa knew about my own adoption journey she had a few questions for me. Since reconnecting with Lisa, we have been in contact numerous times and really seem to "click".

Here is where the problem lies....I commented on one of Lisa's blog entries about how she and I could "arrange a marriage" between Madeline and her son Brody (Marat) - by he way, Brody's "Gotcha Day" is Tuesday! What an exciting day for Lisa and her family!! Anyway, since Kelly follows the same blogs I do she e-mailed me to say, "Hey...what's that all about?!?!?!" Now, before you think that I am a total freak, all this talk of arranged marriages is nothing but light-hearted fun. But, my response to Kelly was that David and I will consider other offers and that we will just wait to see who offers a better dowry :-)

Today, I needed to head over to Kelly's house for her to help me with my new scrapbooking software (gotta prepare for the girls' scrap booking weekend getaway - departure on Friday the 26th!) While the two of us tinkered with the computer, Madeline and Owen had a good time playing. The two of them eventually trotted down the hall to play with some toys in Owen's room and we laughed about how that will not be allowed in a few years. They seemed to have a good time playing together and when we got home Madeline said, out of the blue, "I like 'Baby Owen'. He's nice." Hmmmmm......Lisa, looks like you'll have to schedule a visit to Buffalo with Brody for a playdate once you guys get settled. :-)

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