Saturday, March 20, 2010

Slumber Party

At present, David is probably in a beer hall in Germany, enjoying some type of German sausage and a German beer. Yes, David is traveling for work, and although his week days are crammed with business meetings, today is Saturday. And although it is almost 5pm here it is almost 10pm there (Germany hasn't had their Daylight Savings time change yet so there is only a 5hr difference for now.) So, currently, David is in Munich and will be traveling tomorrow to Berlin for the remainder of his trip.

Time drags by when David is gone and Madeline and I miss him terribly. Thankfully, we are equipped with Skype so that we can occasionally video-conference while he is gone. It is bizarre, however, to be talking to him while the sun is glaring here but being able to see that it is already dark where he is. And although Skype makes David's time away easier for me, Madeline also really enjoys being able to see Papa on the computer.

Also, to help keep us company this weekend my friend, Tammy, and her two daughters, Jenna and Tanya, came over for a "girls' night in". We had a great time.....I made dinner, Shrimp Pasta - a dish that David normally does not care for due to the shrimp and the garlic involved. We had bunches of wine (for the grown girls only, of course). We had chic movies lined-up although we didn't quite get to those because we spent too much time in the hot tub. Madeline had a blast playing with Tanya and Jenna. Although Tammy's girls are much older, they are great with Madeline and Madeline completely looks up to them.

Finally, it was way past Madeline's bedtime. We knew that I would never get Madeline to sleep with the Tanya and Jenna still awake. Tammy and I instructed the big kids to pretend that they were going to sleep too. Madeline was then completely satisfied that it was time for bed and was asleep in no time flat. After indulging in naughty, sinful desserts (Paula Deen's Ooey Gooey Butter Cake from DIE for!) we headed into the hot tub. The photos I included were taken just before we were heading outside so that is why Madeline is not in the pictures. And yes, in case you were wondering, Tammy and I DO have matching bathrobes. Tammy got hers from me for Christmas one year and I happened to by the same one for myself.....too funny! The evening was good fun and we ended up filling the evening with girl talk until 2:30am! Now, today is filled with rest and recuperation as I am not as young as I used to be. I think tonight will be an early night.


Anonymous said...

Miss my girls :( But I am glad that you have good friends to spend the time with while I am away.

Amy said...

Awwwwww, David. This is the first time you posted on my blog! Miss you bunches!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!