Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Whirlwind June!

I can't believe that my last blog post was over two weeks ago! Yet, in that time we have been sooooo busy. This'll be a fairly long post but it should get all our out-of-town family and friends up to speed with everything that has been keeping us so busy (with lots of pictures too)!

The beginning of June started with school's end-of-year activities, book club, MOMS Club meetings, my cousin Malina's wedding, David leaving to visit his mom in Indiana, me & David meeting in Windsor, Ontario for a "Maddie swap" so she could spend some time with grandma too, me bustin' my butt in the basement while David & Madeline were away, and Madeline's dance recital. Yes, the beginning of June was crazy enough but the hectic days have continued since my last post which was right after Madeline's recital.

On June 17th, I was thrilled to have met little Brody. Who is Brody?? Well, Brody's mom Lisa and I went to the same high school. Even though our high school was very small, Lisa and I never really knew each other back then. I think we hung in different crowds, mainly because Lisa was a year younger than me. However, through a mutual alumnae friend on Facebook, Lisa and I connected because Lisa was traveling to Russia to adopt her son. Since I went through the same process only a couple years before Lisa, I tried my best to give advice and help her be aware of things to expect through the process. Lisa and I spoke before she left for Russia and emailed each other several times throughout her stay there. I enjoyed following her journey on her blog along the way. Although Lisa lives in New Jersey, she still has family in Buffalo so, when Lisa came to town for a visit I was thrilled that I was able to meet Brody.

Brody and Madeline had a blast together! I pulled out a ton of toys and scattered them all over the place. The two of them had so much fun exploring. Lunchtime came and we all had lunch together. I pulled out Madeline's old booster seat for Brody to use and was amazed that Madeline fit in that at one point in time. After lunch Madeline and Brody played together outside for awhile and explored some of the toys in the garage. Madeline dug out a winter sled. After I pulled Madeline and Brody along on the grass for awhile, Madeline got a kick out of trying to drag Brody along. It really was a very nice playdate for both the kids and us moms too! I think my friend Kelly's son, Owen, might have a little competition going here for the arranged marriage. Let the dowry bidding wars begin....hahaha

The next few days were quite busy - filled with social outings, and birthday parties to attend (for Madeline's friends and parties for my friends too) I am totally okay with the birthday parties for Madeline's friends. My friends parties were a bit harder to handle though. Yes, obviously the Big 4-0 was being celebrated for many of my childhood friends. These were odd, of course, because that was a reminder to me that my own 4-0 was only days away.

After two birthday parties on the 19th, I also had my brother, Marty come into Buffalo to attend a high school reunion. I agreed to be Marty's designated driver for the evening so that he could have a few drinks with his classmates without having to worry about the 1/2 hour drive back to my house later in the evening. I had to tease Marty that he was offering me a trial run at what it will be like to have a teenager - that is, hanging out waiting for a phone call to come pick them up at the end of the evening.....hahahahaha! Seriously though, it was nice to see Marty. The day after Marty's reunion (6/20) was Father's Day and so I put out a breakfast spread (scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, sausage & "monkey bread") for David & Marty before Marty headed out on his 4 hour drive back home. After Marty left, David, Madeline and I had some family time in the pool and basically just a lazy afternoon together. (We are posed in front of a Quebec flag that we hang every year for our anniversary because we went to Quebec for our honeymoon)

Since June 2oth is also our wedding anniversary (this year was our 12th!) we got a babysitter in the evening and David and I shared a quiet evening together. . We decided to head into Buffalo's Elmwood Village for dinner. On our way there, we stopped by the Delaware Park Rose Garden (where we got married) for an early evening stroll. Afterwards, we walked around the campus of Buff State College. We both got our undergrad degrees there (finished them the hard way - as adults) and attended some classes together and we were amazed at all the changes going on around the campus. Afterward we enjoyed a quiet dinner together on an outdoor patio on Elmwood Avenue. At dinner, David told of what he had planned for my 40th birthday (only three days later).

June 23rd - Happy 40th, Mama-Dirtyfoot! (Grrrrrr!!!!) In the days between our anniversary and my birthday I was running around trying to get ready to leave town. On 6/23, David, Madeline and I hopped on a plane to Baltimore, to my sister's house (my sister lives about 30 minutes outside of Baltimore). We were able to celebrate my birthday at a cool Japanese steakhouse where they cook your food table side. My sister Margaret mailed in a light-up "Kiss Me I'm 40" pin to wear that evening and David supplied me with a big bunch of balloons to bring to the restaurant. Marysia and her family showered me with wonderful gifts - yes, I got stuck with the ongoing joke gifts of the clown, cat & anchor (click here for background story). And aside from a gift certificate to one of my favorite stores they also gave me a gift to remind me that, with age, I am quickly turning into my mom. I got a "duster" (aka housecoat) - yep, my mom wore them around the house all the time. Now all I need is some curlers....hahaha!''

The following day (6/24) we left Madeline for her first time overnight. Madeline stayed with Marysia and her family while David and I took off for a 2 night get-away! On our way out of town we stopped, shopped and had lunch in Annapolis and then we continued on to Chestertown, MD for two nights at the Brampton Inn Bed & Breakfast. OMG!!!! What a relaxing two nights! The first night we dinned waterside and then stopped out for a drink (and yes, felt *really* old among the "young crowd") after dinner. Day two we shopped in town, had a leisurely lunch, lazed around on the inn's porch swing while its cat "Slipper" kept us company and then in the evening headed out for an "old-fashioned" dinner & movie (We saw Grown Ups). (Old-fashioned because it was like what we used to do many moons ago - burger & beer at some hole-in-the-wall bar.) On the way back to Marysia's, David and I stole a little more quiet time together by just strolling a mall near Marysia's yet, nevertheless, it was time to re-enter reality.

Although we enjoyed our time away, we also missed Madeline very much! Madeline was happy to see us, yet I think Marysia, Mike & their kids (Tommy, Lauren, Andy & Julie) kept Madeline so busy and occupied with fun activities that Madeline didn't have anytime to dwell on missing us too much. For the remainder of the weekend, we spent time with Marysia's family by heading to a soccer game together (Julie was receiving an award!), chowing on Mike's yummy grill cooking, the group of us went to see Toy Story 3 (in 3-D) together, hot-tubbing and I also had a chance to do some shopping alone with Marysia.

On Sunday night (6/26) David, Madeline and I gave Marysia & Mike their house back. David had a conference in Baltimore for 2 days and so the 3 of us moved to a hotel in Baltimore. On Monday, while David was working, Marysia drove out to Baltimore and she took Madeline and me to the Inner Harbor. Today, Tuesday, Madeline (aka Mermaid Lynn-La) spent the day at the pool.

Tomorrow, June 30th, we will spend part of the last day of this hectic June traveling back home. Once home, I will have just enough time to do laundry and pack up for some July travels. I will try to keep more up on my blogging in the next month.....

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