Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Budding Artist

I just have to say that Madeline is becoming a good artist. At the beginning of summer I could pretty much say that Madeline did NOT like coloring, yet alone drawing a picture. She didn't like sitting still long enough to create a piece of art. Over the past few weeks, Madeline has really taken to drawing - and I must say that I think she is pretty darn good for a 4 year old! Madeline is really enjoying drawing now and can spend long periods of time occupying herself with creating a masterpiece. This picture Madeline drew today of Disney's Princess Mulan. Since Mulan isn't one of the better known princesses I have included an image of Mulan so you know who Madeline was drawing. Madeline's artwork was completely from memory as she was not using another picture or toy as a model. Proud Mama is amazed at Madeline's detail in Mulan's dress, the draping in Mulan's sleeves, the fact that Mulan's hair is in a bun and the blue thing that Mulan is holding (in Madeline's drawing) is Mulan's "umbrella" (parasol). Great job, Madeline! Mama is proud of you!

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