Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer "Nic-Nic"

After yesterday's humidity, a thunderstorm blew through here last night leaving today's weather a bit cooler, much less humid and much more comfortable. David came up with the idea of packing a picnic for dinner tonight. In prior years we would go on several picnics a year; yet, we have yet to go on a picnic this summer.

I told Madeline of Papa's idea and told her that we would have to go shopping later in the day to get some things for our picnic. Madeline disappeared and when she reappeared Madeline handed me a grocery list for the store. Madeline's excitement motivated me to head to the store PRONTO! In general, Madeline prefers to get checked into our grocery store's play area while I shop (yes, I always give her the option and she always chooses to play - go figure), but today, Madeline was giddy - giggly and jumping up and down - about the idea of helping prepare for our picnic. I asked Madeline to read to me the items on her list and as she did, we found those items in the grocery store. Her "list" included chicken, watermelon, bread and applesauce however I persuaded Madeline to add some vegetables to the list too. I was impressed at Madeline's menu ideas. Upon coming home from the grocery store, I packed up our items and waited for David to come home from work.

We decided to try a new park that we haven't been to before. Madeline had a blast playing on all the playground equipment. Madeline was definitely having playground ADD as she would play on something for two minutes and jump to the next piece of play equipment. Additionally, Mama-Dirtyfoot and Papa played a little bit too on the swings and the teeter-totters. The park also had a small stage for community performances. Since no one was using the stage, Madeline had fun giving us a show of her own. The only thing that I thought was extremely odd about this park/playground is that it was built on an old cemetery. Scattered here and there throughout the playground area were gravestones. Bizarre!!

After some play, we enjoyed dinner as a family overlooking the small little pond within the park. Since moving from our old house last summer we rarely hear the Canadian Geese that would swarm to a park that was close to our old house. Although we were at a different park tonight, we were within the same town of our old house and able to hear the familiar honking of the geese as they flew home for the evening. Occasionally we were able to watch a flock swoop down for a brief rest in the park's pond.

After dinner, Madeline wanted to play a little more. We headed back to the playground. As if I didn't ALREADY realize that I was no longer 12 years old when I practically fell over from jumping off of a moving swing, I guess I needed to further prove this to myself. You know those playground merry-go-rounds like pictured here? I used to be able to run full speed to push them and at that same speed jump onto the spinning merry-go-round. Yeeeeeaaaaahhhh, I can't do that anymore! The 1st time (yes, I tried more than once - duh!) I mis-stepped and was not able to hop on the merry-go-round. I simply thought that it was a mis-step. Logically (not), I tried again. This time I pretty much ricocheted off the merry-go-round and ended up groaning & rolling around on the grass. No, I am no longer 12! Ummppphh!!! That's gonna leave a mark! Needless to say, we weren't at the playground much longer.

So, to make things all better - (a) for Madeline having old parents that will end up embarrassing the crap out of her as she gets older and (b) to heal my bruised ego, we ended the evening with a trip to Dairy Queen. A perfect ending to a fun day! And, oh, by the way, it hurts to walk.....I can't wait to see what color purple my thigh will be tomorrow!

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