Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We're Out Of Scotch!

David's best friend, Jon, and Jon's nephew, Geoff, came to town Friday night and stayed here for the weekend. We last saw Jon in May but because of all our flight delays on our trip to Texas, we barely arrived and Jon had to head back to his home in New Orleans. So, I was really looking forward to Jon's visit this past weekend.

Jon and David met when they worked together in the early 1990s. They hit it off and became great friends right away. I came into the picture in late 1994 and the three of us had a lot of spare time (because of our age then) to hang out and build our friendship. I guess you can say that Jon is almost like a brother to us. For a couple of months, I guess you could even say that the 3 of us lived together as Jon was transitioning out of the apartment with David (Jon was moving to New Orleans) and I was transitioning in. Jon was the best man at our wedding. Through this friendship, Jon's family became an extension of our own family. In fact, Saturday night, we had Jon's cousin, Gina, (who also was our neighbor for many years), Gina's husband Chuck and their daughter Michelle over to our house so that they could also visit with Jon while he was in town. We had a good time catching up with Gina & her family, playing Cranium and sharing a ton of laughs.

Yes, we are great friends. The 3 of us have road tripped it, vacationed, and got in bunches of trouble together. Here lies the problem.....David is 44, Jon will soon be 43 and I am 40. Why is this a problem?? Well, because when the three of us get together, we tend to forget the amount of time that has past since our days in the upper flat apartment in North Buffalo above Jon's grandmother. We tend to act as though we we still in our 20's. Proof in the pudding is this picture. I specifically remember Jon shaking his glass at me and telling me, as I took this picture, that we were out of scotch. Sighhhhhhh.....the night should have ended there, but it did not. Gina & her family left at about midnight-ish and the evening continued with a few more cocktails, the hot tub, and cigars. And at 5:30 in the morning, later than any respectable 40-something should be up, the evening ended. After a late night, my mom would often ask, "What did your accomplish?" and to that I can say, we made more memories, celebrated our friendship, concluded that we are not as young as we used to be and vowed to do it all again.


Marty said...

Were the children drinking, too?

Amy said...

It's okay, their was in a sippy cup.