Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Slow Down July, I Need To Post!

My last blog post was July 2nd and, if I am not mistaken, I was trying to catch-up from such a whirlwind June. Well, things haven't changed much here - July has continued at the same speed! We have been so busy this month that I think I may have to make two separate blog posts to get everyone up to speed.

Since getting home from Maryland (June 30th), we've had a check-up on Madeline's ear tubes (all is fine), a playdate with a high school friend (Maureen) who was in town with her 3 children, a lunch date with a friend (Polka-Mike) to pass off tons of stuff I no longer needed to his daughter (Andrea) that was moving into her first apartment, a belated celebration of Madeline's Gotcha Day, a car appointment to get a recall item taken care of, getting stuck in our garage because a spring on our garage door broke, an appointment to have our garage door replaced, unpacking and laundry from our return from Maryland, house cleaning, yard work, a swim lesson for Madeline (yep, that is her jumping off the diving board and into 8 feet of water!), pool party/dinner for my sister Marysia & her family as well as Marysia's in-laws (who live locally. Marysia was visiting them before my family's annual campout), re-cleaning the house post-party, a mid-day pool party/lunch at my house with my friend Tammy and her daughters, a dentist appointment for Mama-Dirtyfoot (MDF), a meet for a drink with an old friend (Gary), a doctor's appointment for MDF (all is fine), celebrating David's 44th birthday, collect/organize/review my mom's old VHS home movies and take them to get transferred to DVDs with copies made for each of my siblings, and repack all our clothing and camping gear for my family's annual campout. Whhhhheeeeeeewww.......did I mention that all that is mentioned above occurred before July 10th?

I have included some pictures of the beginning of July below:

This picture (below) is of nothing particular except that I thought it was humorous the way that Madeline dressed herself. Check out the red shoes with her shorts. This photo was taken at a car lot (not in the market...just looking). For whatever reason Madeline thought that her tall shadow was hysterical. For what ever reason Madeline decided she wanted to see her shadow's butt and pulled down her pants in the middle of the car lot and started wiggling her butt!!! Holy cow! Do you ever wonder about your kid, "WHAT is he/she thinking?!". This was one of these moments for me. Luckily, this occurred late on a Sunday afternoon and no one was around. What WAS she thinking?!

David and Madeline waiting for the fireworks to start on July 4th

Looking north on the Niagara River (towards Niagara Falls). This was our view for the fireworks.....okay, our fireworks were south of this view yet still over the river. However, from a distance you could also see the fireworks in Niagara Falls and I am guessing Lewiston (?) too.

David and Madeline celebrating David's birthday.


Craig and Phyllis said...

Well, that story of the shadow and the car dealership should last for years around your house! : ) When you ever figure out the method for how to determine what is going through their heads, let me know!!!

Marysia said...

Did we really mess your house that much that warranted the re-cleaning? ;-)

Amy said...

YES!! (just kidding)....seriously, you know how things are after company. Needed to do that once over before the next round of company....