Friday, July 23, 2010

Hairy Girls

The other day, I was trying to get Madeline ready for the day. As you could see from this picture, Madeline was in serious need of a hair combing. I said, "C'mon Madeline, I need to comb your hair". Madeline began to fuss as her morning hair is usually snarly and difficult to comb. Despite Madeline's fussing, I repeated my desire to comb her hair. Madeline responded, "Mammmmmaaaa, it's just FINE! This is the way God made it!" Oh, brother! Too funny!

Today, I got a hair cut. The "big deal" about today's hair cut is that I got full bangs (rather than the side bangs I was sporting). My hair cut was at 10am. Despite my hair being styled almost 12 hours ago and, during that time, hopping in the pool to vacuum it, I decided that I wanted to take a picture to share my new 'do on my blog (the photo TOTALLY does not do it justice.....I should've taken the picture right after my cut). Anyway, I asked David to take the picture.....and then another, and then another. Why so many? Well, they made me look fat, accentuated my huge nose, emphasized the fact that I had zero make-up on, etc, etc, etc. Heck, even this picture makes my new haircut look like a mullet and it is Soooo not. Should I ask David to take *another* picture??? Hmmmm.....maybe I should take a lesson from my 4 year old daughter, throw my arms in the air and say, "This is how God made me".

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Rebekah said...

Love that, Amy, too cute! do not have a big nose...I know, because I have one. And those of us with big noses notice other people's big noses, and I never once thought you were a big nosed girl..:)