Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Zoo Time

Monday, David had to be in Cleveland to entertain some business clients in a suite at Progressive Field for an Indians vs Yankees game. A suite.....ahhh, nice! Above is his view from his suite (if he were looking at the outfield) for the evening. Some might say David has nice perks to his job and, yes, I guess he does however, for events like these the pressure is on because he is the host and entertaining business clients. It's not exactly a day at the ballpark for him and I know that he misses being home when he travels (fairly frequently).

So what did Madeline and I do to pass the day? We headed to the Buffalo Zoo. It has been a while since we've been to the zoo so it was almost like a new experience for her again. Here are some pictures.

Kodiak Bear

We decided that Santa's reindeer vacation in Buffalo, NY during the summer time.

The zoo's kiddie train

I had to sneak a picture of this guy who was wearing his pants half-way down his butt. Yes, the plaid that you see is his boxer shorts. At the top of her lungs (complete with pointing), at close range, Madeline wanted to know why this guy had his pants pulled down. It gets better.....this guy's girlfriend (not exactly the thinnest girl) was sportin' a cropped top up to just below her boobs. This of course allowed for her belly to flap in the breeze. Madeline had more points and with the only volume Madeline knows (loud) Maddie exclaims, "She needs to put her shirt down!" I feel grateful to have gotten out of there without a black-eye!


Gorillas! I am always amazed at how human their features!


Ice cream break!


This picture was taken as we left the zoo. Madeline is showing off her souvenir. I tried to encourage Madeline to get a souvenir that portrayed an animal that she saw that day. Madeline insisted that she wanted the stuffed animal that we ended up buying. Yes, Madeline is holding her new stuffed pig that we bought as a souvenir after a day at the zoo. Whatever....

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