Saturday, November 15, 2008

Madeline's First Movie

David and I took Madeline to her first movie today. She did really good (of course a bucket full of popcorn didn't hurt!) David and I enjoyed getting out to a movie and were actually excited about the prospect of a whole new world of family activities that opened up to us. Madeline behaved well and responded appropriately to the movie's scenes.

I do have to say that we watch *very little* television at home. Consequently, Madeline is exposed to very little violence, even comedic violence. I have to say that I was proud of Madeline. There were a few comedic violent scenes. (1) There was an old lady that kept beating up on the animals and (2) okay, this was a bit closer to nature, but the Alpha and Beta lions fought and Madeline kept saying, "No, No!!!!" during each of these scenes. Good girl, Maddie! Keep it up!


suzabelladuke said...

The last time I went to the movie theater was in 1975 with Ron and Teresa. It was some crazy spooky thing that I ended up walking out and left them together. I enjoyed a nice cocktail by me, myself and I.

Amy said...

Very creative problem solving skills :-) Cheers!