Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Road Trip

We are leaving today for our "Back to Nature Thanksgiving". We are heading to a cabin in the woods for a nice relaxing holiday getaway. We are staying in a cabin that is equipped with heat, a bathroom, 2 bedrooms and kind of "roughin' it". We will have no television, no Internet (this is timed to post while I am gone), no lists of things to do weighing on us, etc. It'll just be two quiet evenings with just the three of us. I already pre-made some of the Thanksgiving sides and pumpkin pie to pack in a cooler to take with us but we will do the turkey cooking there.

Last year was our first Thanksgiving with Madeline and our first Thanksgiving without my mom. When deciding how we were going to celebrate Thanksgiving last year we decided that we didn't want to be home because it just wouldn't feel like a holiday unless we had company.....but we didn't really want company. We wanted family time. So, last year we rented a cottage on one of the Finger Lakes (2007 picture to left). We had such a relaxing time that we vowed to go away every year (Madeline will *love* this tradition when she is in high school). This year we are still going away but to a different location. We are looking forward to it....although we should be getting snow the entire drive down (gulp). I hope to post a picture or two when I get back.

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