Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sister Madeline

David, Madeline and I went to church today. We try to go regularly but we missed the past two Sundays......guilt, guilt, guilt. Two weeks ago we were in Orlando and last week our photo sitting took way longer than we thought it would. Anyway, when we went up to receive Communion, Madeline walked up with us as usual. For whatever reason, today Madeline noticed that we were all in line for something. I received Communion and turned to go back to our pew. Madeline turned to the Eucharistic Minister, pointed to the hosts and said, "LYyynnnn!" Next she had the huge pouty lip thing going on and by the time we sat down she was crying that she didn't receive Communion. I whispered in her ear about how Communion is only for big boys and girls. I told her that she had to be almost as old as her cousin, Kate, before she receives Communion. She listened as I explained this and was satisfied with my explanation. As I settled in for the rest of the Mass I thought about this whole episode and got teary-eyed. Okay, Madeline was probably being a typical 3-year old....."Me, me, me....Where is mine? I want some too!" But I felt moved because I actually thought that Madeline felt the sense of community that she was missing out on. Okay.....either that or she just got her calling to be a nun :-)

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