Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Payback.....But Funny!

I totally wanted to refrain from making any political statements on this blog but this story is actually pretty funny. Many of you might already know that I am the "black sheep" of my family. Politically, my siblings tend to lean to the right while David and I tend to lean to the left. My brothers' Mazurland blog is evidence of their political tendencies. Yes, David and I proudly voted for Obama. For my brother Chris' October 1st birthday, I couldn't resist an obnoxious card that said something on the lines of "Party like it's 1-20-09" (the end of the Bush era). I included a little note about how I "just couldn't resist this card" etc, etc. I never got any feedback regarding this silly card but that is to be expected because Chris lives 8 hours away, in New Hampshire. But like I mentioned in the past, revenge is best served cold.

After returning from Orlando, Madeline had a birthday package waiting for her. Madeline was excited to open her birthday gifts. She received a nice winter themed book, Wonder Pets Colorform Activity Set and yes, the "My Dad, John McCain" book pictured here. Madeline wondered why I was laughing hysterically. Yes, I deserved it. I started it.


Marysia said...

That's too funny. I guess he thought if we connect through Madeline, she will help us bring you to the RIGHT side.

Chris said...

That was actually purchased BEFORE the election.

It would have been funnier (at least for me) if McCain won.