Saturday, February 21, 2009

American Duct Tape Council Receives Large Donation

American Duct Tape Council....ya gotta be a fan of Garrison Keillor! Anyway, we no longer need our industrial supply of duct tape to close our dryer door! Our new washer and dryer was delivered on Thursday and David had a chance to do the gas hook-up today. I have never been so thrilled to do laundry! With the laundry conditions the way they used to be (having to run the dryer 3 times for the load to be dry), it was easy to have the laundry start to pile up. But we are now on our way from being unearthed from a mountain of dirty clothing. Now if only I could get a 2nd floor laundry room so I didn't have to lug the baskets of laundry up and down to/from the basement.


Marysia said...

NICE!!! If we lived closer I would show you my thoughtfulness by bringing all my laundry to you to help you give them a real test.

Amy said...

What a wonderful could always FedEx it....NOT!