Sunday, February 1, 2009

Papa's Girl is Growing Up

Madeline LOVES to play dress-up. She has a ton of hand-me-down dress up clothing from her cousin Kate. She also has dress-up accessories (shoes, earrings, tiaras, etc) from her Aunt Marysia and her first speech teacher, Kristy. When Madeline is "too quiet", I check in on what she is doing and the majority of the time she is stripping out of the outfit I dressed her in and changing into one of her dress-up outfits. This particular outfit (in photo) is one of her favorites. I believe it was a prior dance recital costume from her cousin, Kate.

Today, Madeline changed into her fancy outfit, put on some dress-up shoes and asked me to put a clip in her hair. *Sigh*....what a little girl, but already we see a glimpse of what a young lady she will become. Yep, I think Papa is already practicing some martial arts moves to ward off the boys in her future. Papa is already challenged in the hair department and whatever hair is left is mostly gray, so what is left when Madeline begins to come of dating age?? His sanity?? Probably if this is a glimpse of our future! Slow down, Maddie!! You are growing too quickly!


Margaret said...

Yep, that was Kate's recital outfit to a rocked out version of 'The Itsy- Bitsy Spider". She was 6 when she wore that; it was skin tight. I can't believe how much Madeline has grown and that she is wearing that. It just seems like last year Kate wore that. She is a beautiful girl. I love the pic. of David looking over his paper at Ward Cleaver.

Marysia said...

I think I was at that recital. WOW!! How time is flying, for both girls!

Amy said...

Ward Cleaver....ha ha!! I bet David wishes I ran around the house in a dress, heels and pearls all day too :-)