Saturday, February 28, 2009

Recovery Ward

Ohhhhhh.....the things you do for a sick child!!! Last night, we gave Madeline her Tylenol and tucked her into bed. Before David and I went in for the night we woke Madeline to give her more Tylenol. She was pretty much miserable when we got her up for the mid-night Tylenol dose. Mama-Dirtyfoot and Papa felt so bad for Madeline that we brought her into bed with us (which is something we *never* do). I think that David and I slept about an hour last night because Madeline was soooo restless. She was flopping around like a fish out of water but then had the nerve to tell us, "Mama, Papa, quiet!" when David and I were talking in bed. As the night progressed and Madeline remained restless, I thought of putting her back into her own bed but knew that would've been upsetting to her. So, we suffered through it. During the day, it wasn't even worth the argument about wardrobe. Madeline wanted to pick out her own outfit and I figured....what the heck, let her wear whatever she wants (even if it doesn't match) because we weren't leaving the house at all. Although what she chose wasn't a combination I would've dressed her in, it could've been much worse. The funniest thing (that you can see in the pictures) is that she wanted her hair in a ponytail AND two busy barrettes.
We've also been feeding her the craziest food combinations but we just want to make sure that we are taking advantage of her eating something when she is up for it - so she is getting whatever she wants to eat (again, something she doesn't usually get the luxury of). Today's crazy lunch was a left-over grilled hot dog, toast and jelly and grapes. Also, Madeline hasn't been herself and pretty much (understandably so) just wants to lounge around. So what else can you do with a sick three year old in this state? Although I am not a big fan of plugging in the TV, I think I saw Peter Pan and Cinderella a million times since Madeline's surgery. In general Madeline is doing okay. She is up and down in her recovery. All the side effects that she is having are to be expected. Her fever comes and goes as does her energy level. As a whole, Madeline was in better shape today than she was yesterday but will definitely need the remainder of the weekend to rest. Oh, and by the way, Madeline is in her own bed tonight!


Patti said...

I hope everyone gets a better night's sleep. We don't believe in the family bed either. I'm glad to hear Madeline is recovering OK, although slowly. I hope tomorrow she perks up even more.

Whimsical Creations said...

I think she looks adorable in her outfit, hair-clips and all. =D

Lily's new thing is she has to have all of her butterfly clips in her hair at the same time....they all face the same way and there are 3. ;)