Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HAIR - Cuts and Grays

Madeline was due for a hair cut. She has coped with several Mama bang trims but it was time to get an overall shaping. We headed to our local kid's haircutting place. She was so excited about going there because they have toys in the waiting area and she gets to watch "Barbie TV" as they cut her hair. Madeline couldn't wait to tool around the place in one of the Little Tykes cars too. As you can see from this "after" photo, Madeline couldn't even focus on me long enough to get her picture taken. She kept eyeing the fancy red car (that is what she is looking at in the picture) Yep, I pretty much had to drag here out of that place.

As for the gray hairs, this is the scoop....Many of you know that I used to have an intense fear of flying. Yet, that never kept me from getting on a plane because I still wanted to go places. However, my fear used to have me in tears and trembling the night before a flight and during flights I was a wreck - tears, sweaty palms and a bundle of nerves. When I would reach my destination I would be exhausted from my extended elevated anxiety level. Slowly, the more I flew, I began to somewhat overcome the fear. Actually, I had no choice in the matter if I was going to travel halfway around the world to bring Madeline home. Of course, the recent news of the plane that crashed just before landing at the Buffalo Airport has just about made me crazy. Yes, this crash has been all over the news, but you can imagine how much the media exposure has been the case in the Buffalo area. The constant viewing of these images both on the news and in the newspaper have made me more than a little nervous about the thought of flying again. Also, in addition to the two situations of loosely knowing someone that was somehow affected by the crash, I also just found out today that our neighbor (who is also related to David's best friend) was supposed to have been on that flight. Wow!

Now, take all these revisited uneasy feelings about air travel and mix in the fact that Madeline and I will be traveling along with David when he travels to Europe for business......transatlantic. Not only will we be going to Dublin but while in Europe we will also fly to London, Berlin and Back to Dublin. Yeah....crazy. But the thing that pretty much made me crazy is that we will be starting our trip by flying Continental on a prop plane from Buffalo to Newark (same airline, prop plane and 2 airports associated with last Thursday's doomed Continental Flight 3047). Of course leave it to our dear friend Jon (who by the way hates flying just about as much as I do) to tell me that they are probably just going to piece together the plane in Clarence (location of crash). Yep, that's Jon.....thanks!!! Any you wondered why I reference gray hair in my title?!?!?!


Patti said...

Oh boy, don't get me started about flying. That must be where all of my gray hair started. I had an anxiety attack once we landed in Russia, and it scared me to pieces. Did you know the more you tell yourself to breathe normally, the less normal your breathing gets? I feel for you, and I hope that you can keep your mind occupied enough so that you aren't a bundle of nerves on the flights.
Madeline's haircut is very cute - it looks too fun to only have haircuts there though.

Amy said...

Patti - I think the flights will force me to go to an Irish Pub when we land....ha ha!

I keep trying to tell myself that flying shouldn't matter because when its my time to go, its my time no matter where I am. But, regardless, that doesn't seem to be helping me one ounce.

Anonymous said...

Boy, you make that Jon fellow sound like an @$$.

Amy said...

"Anonymous" Jon....I know that's you :-). Yep, you're an @$$ but we love you anyway.