Friday, February 6, 2009

A Day in the Life of Madeline

I really have nothing new to report here. Just thought I would share some pictures. The first picture is of Madeline before school Thursday morning. I love the sweater, another cousin Kate hand-me-down. When I received boxes upon boxes of hand-me-downs from her cousin Anna and her cousin Kate, Madeline was able to use most of Anna's clothing almost immediately because they are closer in age but I thought it would be *forever* before Madeline would grow into Kate's clothing because it all looked so big! Well, she is there!

It was kind of funny when I picked Madeline up from school yesterday. Part of the school supplies for Madeline was a change of clothing in a Ziploc bag (in case of an accident). I was a little concerned when I picked Madeline up and she no longer had on the skirt I put her in in the morning. I thought there was a potty accident but as it turns out, Madeline just spilled her milk all over her. However, Madeline went to school with a nice coordinating outfit and came home looking like I should be calling her "stripe", with a striped sweater and (by no means coordinating colors) striped pants. I hoped the other parents that were there picking up their kids didn't actually think I sent Madeline to school like that!

Here are two more pictures. Madeline was playing dress-up again and got into her play make-up kit. She wanted me to put her hair in a clip and put on the little stickers like earrings while she applied her make-up. I think she was getting ready for a night out on the town with the prince (from Cinderella). Oh brother, she is growing way too quickly! Heaven help the first boy that Madeline has to bring home to meet us - more specifically, David!

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