Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Rambling

Nothing major new to report here although I am afraid of the wrath of my devoted Mama-Dirtyfoot fans if I do not post a blog tonight. My phone would be ringing off the hook. So, to keep my fans happy, I will post the random things that I have been up to.

First off, the photo was taken of Madeline today. I finally got sick of looking at her in the animal print dress-up dress so I hid it. I know, I sound like a terrible mom but it was making me crazy that I would get her dressed for the day and as soon as we got downstairs she would strip out of her clothing (that she just put on) and she would put on her dress-up clothes. Today she got creative with the stuff she could scrounge up. Her "tank" is actually an undershirt that she *had to* wear backwards. The orange on her back are pretend wings (she was pretending she was Tinkerbell) and she put a stretchy necklace on her head like a headband. I swear, this child will be an actress of some sort!

On Wednesday, Madeline and I went to my friend Tammy's house. Tammy is a teacher and she is currently on Winter Break. Madeline and I headed out for a play date at Tammy's. Tammy had two other friends with their kids over as well. Tammy's kids are 12 and Tammy's friends' kids are about the same age as Tammy's daughters however one of the women has a daughter Madeline's age. Madeline and this girl, Reagan, had an absolute blast together. The younger girls just ran around, played with princess dolls, Polly Pockets, and yes, continually slid down Tammy's large staircase on their tummies. How 4 moms could sit around, chit-chat and drink coffee and relax while 7 kids ran around is beyond me....but we managed. It was a nice afternoon. Yet....Madeline pretty much had a meltdown on the way home because she was just so overtired. But did she fall asleep for a nap on the way home or when we got home???......NO!

Mama-Dirtyfoot was lucky enough to get a night on the town on Wednesday evening. "Night on the town" makes it sound like I was partying but actually I went out to dinner with two girls (Lea & Christina) that I went to grade school with. We met at the Creekview Restaurant in Williamsville. Lea and I split the Potato Pancakes and then I had their yummy California Greens salad. It was a nice leisurely 2 hour dinner. I probably wont see them again until May's St. Gerard's Reunion.

Speaking of the reunion....I spent the time while Madeline was at school working on some of the reunion stuff. I updated my contact lists, mailed out more invitations, returned emails about inquiries and prepared prepared a basket to donate for the event's basket raffle. Also today, WE GOT OUR NEW WASHER AND DRYER!!!! They are not hooked-up yet, but they are here and the dryer door doesn't have to be closed with duct tape!!!

I should probably head to bed soon. I have a busy day tomorrow too. I'll keep you updated tomorrow....I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday!!


Whimsical Creations said...

She is adorable!! =) melanie

Amy said...

Thanks, Melanie!