Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Did I Cope?

After today's long day (Read Blog entry below FIRST) I was in real need of time to myself. How did I cope? As soon as David came home from work I gave "kisses all around" and took off for some ME time. I desperately needed my hair colored so I drove to the local "walk-in" hair salon place. It's a sad day when one of these chain-type places is booked up for the evening. I was ready to cry....I don't do a whole bunch both husband & kid free so when this almost fell through (while already frazzled from the day) I was ready to cry. I decided to try a local salon and just give it a shot as a walk-in (if that didn't work I was ready to go to the movies alone).

Luckily they made room for me (I must have looked desperate enough). Basically, I gave the girl, who I never met before, free rein to do whatever with my hair (Sorry Andrea, I feel like I've cheated on you). She dyed it, threw some highlights in, cut it, and waxed my eyebrows .....uh, and lip too but don't tell anyone. After two hours away and some Mama-pampering time I felt like a new person. Here are some pictures. Keep in mind that I have absolutely zero make-up on and a crappy gray t-shirt that does nothing for my coloring but.....use your imagination and picture me with make-up and wearing a pretty outfit (Um, and while you are at it picture me 15 pounds lighter).

Oh yeah, I also had a fat-filled bit to eat, mint chocolate chip ice cream and a glass of wine when I got home. *Sigh*.....I don't expect a weight loss come Monday but that is the price tag for keeping my sanity this week! I feel renewed and ready to tackle motherhood in the morning.


Marysia said...

Beautiful!! I don't know if it is the cut, the diet, or the waxing, but, you are looking thinner already!! :-D

Amy said...

Thanks Mushie! Actually, I think it's the waxing. You know you are in dire need when your husband notices your eyebrows need attention.