Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Costume Change

Madeline has a hiding space. She likes to go in the space behind the love seat to play. Madeline makes believe it is either a tent, or Cinderella's castle or Aunt Marysia's house. While she was on her dress-up clothing kick, Madeline would take the bag of dress-up clothes behind the love seat, change into a dress-up outfit and then make her grand entrance from "backstage"...oh, I mean from behind the love seat.

I have successfully hid the bag of dress-up clothes and Madeline has not asked about them. I sound like a terrible mother by saying that but it was beginning to make me absolutely crazy that I would dress Madeline for the day and no sooner would we come downstairs that she would change into her play dress. Quite frankly, I was tired of seeing her in a zebra striped dress that had an accessorizing boa collar.

Well, Mama *thought* she got a break from the constant costume changes. Since Mama-Dirtyfoot "downsized" Madeline's dress-up wardrobe, Madeline decided to take matters into her own hands. Yesterday, Madeline told me, "Be right back, Mama". She proceeded to head up to her bedroom. I just assumed she was going up there to get one of her dolls. As Madeline came downstairs I noticed that she had some things hidden behind her back. Next, she headed straight behind the love seat. Come to think about it, Madeline was going behind the love seat a lot lately.....hhmmmm....I'll have to make a mental note of this and see what she is doing.

But, out Madeline emerged in her new outfit. Okay, I really don't dress Madeline in flowered shirts and polka dot pants....at least not together in one outfit. I then peeked behind the love seat and realized that Madeline was creating a new wardrobe in her hiding spot. And this is how she came out from behind the love seat - dressed in this "fashion creation" - completed with a pair of my boots. After taking this picture we cleaned out from behind the love seat a pair of sweatpants, a sweater, a sweatshirt, a pair of PJ's and three pairs of shoes! I think it is time to pull out the bag of dress-up clothes again.


Aunt Margaret said...

Hey! What's wrong witht that zebra outfit? J.K. How about giving her a token(s) for dress up, once it is spent in a day, her costume changes are done.

Amy said...

OOOoooooo.....why didn't I think of that?!?!? I like it!