Monday, February 9, 2009

I Don't Feel Like Being Creative With A Title :-)

As promised (gotta satisfy my fans) here is the recap of what we were up to this past weekend. First, let me say that I lost two more sticks of butter (1/2 pound) for a grand total of a 5 pound loss. So, basically I lost a sack of potatoes off my backside.....only 3 more sacks to go. However, I did not hop back on my diet today after my cheat-filled weekend so I'll be lucky if this upcoming week shows any progress.

As for as our weekend, David has been obsessing (for the past month+) about researching car options to replace his vehicle. He was definitely ready with over 100K in mileage on his car. Also, we were due to start having major expenses arise in the, David got to do his favorite thing - car shop. I do have to say, though that this is a painful period of time for me because David always gets obsessed with anything automotive each time we go through this. I always have to beg for him NOT to drag me through every car dealership we drive by. Instead, I say, you do the research and let me know when you have chosen a car that is to your liking and falls within our price range. At that point I come along for the ride to see the car and say...."Ooooooo, pretty". So that was the plan for Friday night but once we got on the road we decided to call the dealership and found out that they closed at 6pm, so we opted to go out for a casual family dinner instead.

Saturday, we actually made it to the car dealership and test drove the "new Papa car". While we were doing the car thing it was getting late so we had to stop out for McDonald's for lunch. David placed our order while Madeline and I did the potty thing. When we came out, David was getting our straws, napkins, etc. While he was doing this, a little girl asked David for some help finding the correct sized lid for her pop. This is when Madeline and I appeared, along with the little green monster. Yes, you could just see that Madeline was jealous that David was talking to another kid. After that, Madeline wouldn't let go of David. You can see from this picture that she was holding his hand while eating her MickeyD's.

Sunday, I was able to enjoy some Mama time with my girlfriends. I attended an all afternoon (12-6) Scrapbooking Workshop. It gave me some uninterrupted time to get my photos together. Of course, the big joke is that I don't typically accomplish a lot because I waste half the time talking. (The large Tim Horton's coffee doesn't help me much either). I still have most of 2008 to scrap but I am trying to be very particular on the scrapbook of Madeline's first year with us because that is like her "baby book". I had decided to add many more photos in that book and therefore I am not getting ahead. Well, just another reason to set aside some scrappin' time with my friends in the near future. In the evening I did a little shopping for a playdate that Madeline was supposed to have on Monday. After getting all prepared for the playdate, I considered the fact that Madeline was a snot queen (from a cold) and I started in with a sore throat, ear ache and, by evening, the chills, I decided to see how Maddie & I fared on Monday.

Today, Monday, Madeline and I had to run around all morning. First, a guy from the town water dept came over to do some work on our water meter. I totally forgot about the appointment so here I was at 10am, answering the door with both Madeline and I STILL in our PJs (that's what happens when you are a little under the weather). Next, my sidekick and I had to go to 3 banks. (1) for a bank check, (2) to get the title for the Papa car out of the safe deposit box and (3) to the bank that we had our last car loan from to get a lien release letter. But the fun part came when we met David at the car dealership to pick up the "new Papa car". Okay, its new-used. Its a 2007 Hyundai Azera but it only had 13K in mileage. That is LOW considering that we do that kind of mileage in SIX MONTHS! The kicker is that due to a mess-up in the advertised pricing, we got a model that had all the extra features, all the bells and whistles for no additional money than if it were to have gotten a car with more standard features.....ooopppss, we don't mind though.

All day long I was tired from fighting off a bug of some sort. Yet, after a morning filled with running around, things caught up a little bit and I ended up with the chills again. Madeline was still super-snotty and definitely over tired so I decided to call off the play date. I even opted for the electronic babysitter (Disney movie) and couldn't even think about planning dinner, so David ordered up a pizza.....thus, today's mess-up with my diet. So here I sit, feeling too full, achy and that kind of tired that you feel when your body is fighting off something. Oh yeah, I am also feeling guilty about that crap that not only I have been eating, but my family has been eating the past few days too. I guess I should get to bed and rest so that I can get us all back on track tomorrow.

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