Monday, October 12, 2009

Appointments, Appointments, Appointments AND a Shopping High!

This is my second post today (see below for the other post) but I just wanted to share a bit of Madeline's and my day. Today Madeline went for her photo sitting for her 4 year old pictures. Here is a sneak preview of a photo that will be sent out to family (Grandma, this isn't what you are getting....just a teaser). We also had a busy day juggling appointments. Aside from the photos, we had to (in order to make our homeowners insurance company happy) get a rail installed on the stairs to the deck of the pool. Madeline also had a doctor's appointment to take a look at her for a cold that she has been hanging onto forever (Looks like the start of a sinus infection....oh fun, but the new meds should squash that). Finally, on the way to the doctor's Madeline and I stopped at a store to try to find a new mini-flag for our Fall decorations in front of our house. I must say, Madeline is becoming quite the shopper. I tried to capture her "shopper's high" on video (see end of this post) but the video certainly didn't quite capture the degree of her excitement. Madeline would run from display to display and dramatically spread out her arms like a Price is Right model and exclaim, "Mama, look at these..... They're beautiful! They're Sparkly!" And of course all along the way there were several pleads of "Buy this!"

I MUST, however, share my own shopping high!! I am super proud of my brilliant idea!! The store that I went to had extremely cheap Halloween costumes. They had knock-off Sleeping Beauty costumes for $6.99!! I decided to buy one without Madeline seeing me (it was quite the task distracting her) and give it to her on her birthday. But that is only *part* of the plan.... If you have ever been to Disney, you know that the place is crawling with little girls that just came out of their "spa day" at the Bippity-Bopity- Boutique. These children then walk around the park all made up and dressed up in princess costumes. Oh, by the way, did I tell you that the parents of these kids pay over $200 for this???? So, my grand plan is when we head to Orlando in November I will pack Madeline's $6.99 Sleeping Beauty birthday gift and when Madeline sees all the little decked-out princesses and begins to exclaim, "Buy this!" I call proudly forgo the $200 expense and pull her $6.99Sleeping Beauty costume out of my bag. Yeah Mama-Dirtyfoot (but damn, how I hated when my mom did stuff like this to me!)


Whimsical Creations said...

What a fun day! So I have to ask, where is the store you bought that costume in? I have to go get some for Lily for Christmas. =D

Amy said...

Melanie...gotta go to Christmas Tree Stores on the Blvd. As of yesterday, there were still plenty.