Friday, October 2, 2009


I really don't have much to share. Things have been quiet in the land of Mama-Dirtyfoot......but I thought I would share a few pictures. When Madeline and I left Margaret's house on Monday we left with two boxes of hand-me-down clothes from Madeline's cousin, Kate. Included in the hand-me-downs were two old dance recital costumes that Madeline could use to play dress-up. Last night, as I was shuffling through clothes and organizing hand-me-downs to give away (stuff Madeline outgrew) and hand-me-downs to store (stuff Madeline still has to grow in to), Madeline caught a glimpse of the pink dress and asked if that dress was for church. Today, Madeline had her first opportunity to play dress-up since we've been home and was practically giddy because she was able to try on the two new dress-up outfits.

This evening, more costuming took place. Madeline decided that David needed pink hair so she outfitted him with her pink hooded sweatshirt. She told David how much she liked his "long, long. long, long long, long hair".

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Dress up is sooo much fuN!