Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Buffalo Grandma

Not sure if I ever told the story of "Buffalo Grandma".... "Buffalo Grandma" is the mom of David's best friend, Jon. Jon and David are more like brothers than friends and since Jon is like family, Jon's own family is also very much like family to us. Since David's own parents live in Indiana, we (many years ago....it may have even been before Jon moved to New Orleans) began to affectionately refer to Shirley as David's "Buffalo Mom". Therefore, when Madeline came into our lives it was only logical to refer to Shirley as "Buffalo Grandma". Unfortunately, later this month, "Buffalo Grandma" will become "Texas Grandma" as Shirley is moving to the Dallas area to be closer to her sons (Joe lives in Dallas and Jon lives in New Orleans). Certainly, we wanted to see Shirley before she left and Shirley also wanted to see our new house before leaving. This afternoon, Shirley came out to visit and have dinner at our house. Of course, "Buffalo Grandma" also spoiled Madeline to pieces too (early Halloween AND birthday presents!!!) . The photo above was taken in order to give Shirley a tutorial on both Facebook and blogging.....hopefully I'll soon be able to follow Shirley's adventures on the computer. It is sad to know that another part of our "family" is moving away but at least it'll be one more place for us to visit. Meanwhile,there is a chance that you might hear more of "Buffalo Grandma" before her trek to Texas as there is a possibility that Shirley might stay with us for a week between the time that her movers empty out her house here and the time she departs for Texas. We would be pleased to have her however, Madeline already told us that she wanted to go to Texas with Shirley. I am thinking that by the end of Shirley's stay Madeline might just pack herself in Shirley's suitcase.

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