Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let's Go BUFF-A-LO

Today, Madeline went to her first hockey game. The tickets are actually season ticket's for David's work that are used to entertain business clients and partners. So many times David doesn't come home until 11pm in the evening because he has to attend a game for business. Being a Saturday game, it was difficult for him to get a commitment from business contacts to attend the game. As a result, we were lucky enough to be the default guests tonight. Oh, by the way, the seats are GREAT!! - 200 level at the blue line!

Knowing that we were heading to a game, David started to get Madeline psyched up by telling her earlier in the day that we were going to a hockey game. Papa even spoiled his little girl by taking her to buy a Sabres sweatshirt (white with pink logo). Not only was Madeline thrilled to be wearing her new outfit, but she was thrilled to be at the game. Aside from Madeline devouring a hot dog, chips and a half tub of popcorn, she also took in the spectacle of the sporting event. I pointed out the "big kitty cat", Sabretooth, the Sabres mascot. Madeline kept trying to spot Sabretooth. When ever Sabretooth wasn't around, Madeline wanted to know where he was.....we ended up telling her that he went to use the big, big, big kitty litter......(at least she got the humor in that). Sabretooth just happened to be in a section very close to where we were sitting so, knowing where the mascot had to go in order to leave that section, I grabbed Madeline and ran over to that area. I called out "Sabretooth!" and the mascot waved. I kept running with Madeline in tow and yelled out "Sabretooth, it's her first game!" Lucky for us we were able to catch up and get a picture!! Madeline thought that was awesome and as we walked away she said, "Let's do that again!" Little does she know how lucky she was to have that experience, yet alone at her first game. Madeline also, immediately figured out (on her own) that when the music plays in between plays, that is the time to dance and boogie in hopes of getting on the jumbo tron. No, she didn't make the big screen but, boy, was she having fun!

But can a 3 year old have fun *watching the game*?!?!?! As best as she could, Madeline tried to know what was happening. She kept asking David, "what happened" and David was wonderfully patient with all her questions. Madeline also tried to keep up with the cries of the other fans and would yell out "C'mon!". (Small video of the Sabres newest fan below) The funniest thing was when the crowd started chanting "Let's go Buff-A-Lo!", Madeline joined in by chanting what she *thought* the crowd was saying. Yes, our daughter was chanting "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

I am thinking I may also need to take Madeline to an open skate at a local ice rink too. Madeline started gliding around in front of her seat and told me that she was wearing her "shoe skates". She also told me that she was going to "pretend to be a boy, like Mulan, so that [she] could play hockey". (Mulan is a Disney princess that pretended to be a boy so that she could fight in the Chinese army)

Other than the fact that the Sabres lost tonight, this evening was still a success in our book. At bedtime, Madeline went to bed with her stuffed Sabretooth (we didn't buy that tonight, we had it but at least now she knows who Sabretooth is) Hopefully we'll be able to bring Madeline back to a game. Although Madeline asked if we could do that again tomorrow.


Marysia said...

Very cute! Next time David goes to the game without her will be a let-down for the Sabre's newest fan. It's also nice that she had her nails done when she met Sabretooth ;-)

Margaret said...

Sounds like she watches the game better than you. She is going to be a true sports fan!

Jody said...

That is so cute!! Alexis likes going to the games too, she gets all decked out in her Miller jersey. She also loves Sabretooth. Now you need to teach her the game