Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Texas Or Bust

This one's for you, Joe......you predicted a sappy farewell post.

"Buffalo Grandma"(Shirley) is on her way to her new life in Texas......and yes, the photo was taken as she was driving away. I know, I'm a dork! Anyway, it was an absolute pleasure to have Shirley stay with us during the past week. Not only was her company enjoyed by David and me, but Madeline absolutely adored "Buffalo Grandma".

In observing Shirley prepare for her big move over the past few days, I couldn't help but think how adventurous she is. Off she goes, moving from the town she has lived her entire life, selling her home that she lived in for many, many years, leaving behind her very active social life to DRIVE 1400 miles to move into a new home, sight unseen, in the Dallas area. Yes, Shirley is moving closer to her sons (Joe will live only 5 blocks away and Jon will be a 7 hour drive from New Orleans) but as I spent time chatting with Shirley over the past week I couldn't help but be completely impressed with how unfazed Shirley seemed to be by this pending transition. I was so excited for her and the newness of everything that lies ahead of her. But also, I hope that in 28 years from now, I too would have the sense of adventure that Shirley has. I am certain Shirley will love the lack of snow in Texas. I am sure she will quickly develop a large network of friends. I am sure she will enjoy having her boys close to her and will also quickly make her new house a home.

Last night, we had a farewell dinner......"dinner theater" style. I initially planned to serve dinner in the dining room on our China however it was "Dancing With the Stars"night (We opted to feed Madeline early, we had an earlier spread of appetizers and then chose to have a late dinner after Madeline went to bed). We *had to* watch "DWTS" and therefore we chose to eat in the kitchen and David swiveled the TV for dining entertainment. I love Madeline to death, but without Madeline at the dinner table, dinner was quiet and we were able to chit chat over David's yummy steaks and red wine. Along for Shirley's road trip, Shirley's friend Sharon flew in from Michigan (also stayed with us the last two nights of Shirley's stay) and is driving with Shirley down to Texas and then flying back home to Michigan. Two great ladies that truly made me miss having my mom around......but their company during the day was so welcome.

As Shirley's visit wound down, Shirley would scoot off to meet with this friend or that friend, or get a phone call from this person or that person and each one would end up crying because of Shirley's departure. I guess I would cry too if I knew I wouldn't see her again but that certainly won't happen. We'll make a point to swing by next time we visit Uncle Charles in Austin or Jon in New Orleans. Instead I was happy for all the exciting things that lie ahead for "Buffalo Grandma".....or should I say "Texas Grandma"?? Happy trails....

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