Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Sooooo here is the story......late this morning I noticed this creepy spider. He was hanging out right at face level on the other side of the sliding glass door in between our kitchen and the three-season room (The 3 season room leads to our back yard and thus, the hot tub). Eeewwww......the spider was right at face level if you were to walk out the door so the thought of accidentally walking through his web gave me the heebie-jeebies. So that I wouldn't forget about the spider's new domicile by evening time, I put a post-it note on the sliding door that said "spider", however I couldn't get that creature out of my mind all day. I kept looking at him throughout the afternoon and at times I swear the two of us were staring each other down. When I talked to David on the phone I told him of our new house guest and this is when he told me that that must've been the web he walked through this morning. (David was bringing in our patio umbrella so that it wouldn't launch again in today's wind). Sure enough, as I examined the web I noticed a big semi-circle section missing. That must've been where David lopped some of the web off as he walked through. When David came home, he saved the day and rescued me (and the spider) by taking the spider outside. You wouldv'e tought, by the way David prepared for the spider relocation, that David was preparing to tame a wild lion. Alas, the spider was transferred outside.

For a variety of reasons, David and I decided to have me feed Madeline dinner earlier and then David and I would eat a later dinner after putting Madeline to bed early. The plan was that David would fire up the grill for hot dogs while I put Madeline to bed. When I came downstairs, one look at David made me laugh. He sat on the couch, playing on his laptop, with a baseball hat on. Why is this funny? I knew exactly what he was thinking. And without me having to ask what I was laughing at David knew that I was on to his thoughts. His only response was, "My mom may have raised ugly kids but not stupid ones". So what was this all about? Yes, I knew that the ONLY reason why David was wearing a hat was because he too had the spider heebie jeebies. Even though it was probably an hour after "the relocation", David must've thought that as he was outside cooking hot dogs, the spider was lurking and looking for revenge.