Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ghost In The Machine??

Here's another picture to make up for the delay posting photos of our visit with Karen, Huibert, Linus and Milana. I had little Halloween goody bags for the kids after dinner and these plastic fangs were in there. Madeline is sooooo looking forward to dressing up as Ariel (Disney's Little Mermaid). More importantly, she is looking forward to getting all the candy!!!

Anyway, why has there been such a delay in photos and posts?? My computer is a piece of crap! Don't know what the issue is....virus?? Regardless, I LIVE on this thing. Since I don't work and don't get out much this thing is my outlet to the outside world. So, Santa please??????

What else has been going on since Karen and Huibert's visit. I have been pulling out my hair at my attempts to strip the wallpaper in our dining room. Below is a photo of what I want to do in the dining room. No, this is not our dining room....just a photo I found online. But, yes....that is purple!!! Can't wait!! In the meantime I am pulling out my hair and using a few choice words. Aside from that project I am working on organizing stuff for a Halloween party at Madeline's Pre-School. Yep, room mom I have nothing else to do....ha! But aside from making me more busy, I am having fun with it.

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