Friday, July 10, 2009

David's Birthday

Yesterday was David's birthday. Unfortunately David had to work....and had a pretty stressful day on top of it...but, we tried to have a nice family celebration in the evening. Yesterday's weather was gorgeous. After a long string of below temperature days, the weather finally broke yesterday. We decided that we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day by enjoying dinner outside. I attempted to do something other than go to one of our usual places to eat. I wanted outdoor dining and, of course, casual enough to be kid friendly. I decided on a small outdoor casual dining restaurant that overlooks the Niagara River. Come to find out the restaurant was also planning live music that evening. Sounds perfect!!!

Well....I was told when I called the place that they do not take reservations for outdoor dining but that we could put our name in at the door. When we got there they asked if we had a reservation for outdoors. GRRRRrrrrr.....that didn't fly with me! So I bitched and they took my name down to wait for a table. Okay, we decided to go with the flow. The music just started so David went inside to get us some drinks (Madeline wanted to go with Papa) so that we could have a drink while we listened to music and wait for our table. Picture this....the music was a Sinatra-like singer. I thought, "Oooohhhh, how mellow! That music won't attract the bar crowd". Wrong!!! Turns out all the Buffalo "snow birds" are back from Florida and this is their big night out. When David was inside with Madeline, I had 70 year old guys hittin' on me!!! One even wanted to buy me a drink! We did eventually get a table and, although the food was only mediocre, it was nice to be outside enjoying the day.

The plan was to get dessert at the restaurant as David's birthday cake but we decided, instead, to head over to Dairy Queen after dinner for ice cream cones and then over to a small park near the river to open gifts. The video below is of Madeline singing "Happy Birthday" when we were on the way to Dairy Queen. After we got home, our babysitter came over and David and I headed back out. After David's exhausting day at work, he didn't think he would last through a movie so we decided to try a little wine bar in Niagara Falls. Although the birthday celebration wasn't exactly what I envisioned, I do believe that David enjoyed himself.

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