Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mama's Insurance Policy

I just thought I would share this nifty gift that my sister-in-law, Jamie, gave each of my sisters at the recent campout. Leave it to Jamie.....she found a bottle of Pinot Prigio labeled "Mommy's Time Out". I plan to reserve the opening of this for the end of one those extremely "tough to be a mom" days.....and we women know they exist! I feel like posting a sticky note on the bottle that exclaims, "In case of emergency.....OPEN!" I do know that Madeline's good and bad days go in cycles. It does seem as though her "bad cycles" tend to correspond with some type of major growth spurt (either physical or developmental). Currently, we are in the midst of a good cycle. But the day will come and I will be prepared with a box of Calgon in one hand and "Mommy's Time Out" in the other. Thanks, Jamie!

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