Saturday, July 4, 2009

This Date In History 7/4/07 - Our Adoption Story

Independence more ways than one!!! Yes, it was the 4th on July. How weird to celebrate the 4th half-way around the world! But we were thrilled at the time to be leaving Astrakhan and heading to Moscow - once step closer to home. Now, David and I have fond memories of our time in Russia - but time has a way of making one's memory selective. At the time, we could not wait to get home. One month away from home is a long time, especially considering the circumstances. Additionally, our adoption coordinator tended to hover over us a bit once we had Madeline. Yes, our adoption coordinator was very good at her job and we would trust ourselves to her again. Yet, all David and I wanted was to get back to our homes in order to begin normal family structure (not living out of a hotel room or doing laundry in a bathtub) and normal routines for ourselves and, of course Madeline, without our coordinator making us feel guilty (even if inadvertently) about deviating from the Infants' Home's rigid schedule. So, yes, it was our country's Independence Day, but in 2007 it was our family's Independence day as well. We traveled from Astrakhan to Moscow on our journey home. Due to our travel, no email updates were sent home.

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