Friday, July 17, 2009

We Are Home

After a long drive today, we arrived safely at Home Sweet Home at about 7:30pm We got a bit of a late start departing as 15 of us headed out to breakfast before hitting the road. There was a bunch of congestion on the ride home and then in order to not have to figure out food upon arriving home, David, Madeline and I leisurely enjoyed dinner when we were about an hour away from home. We had a great time on our vacation but it felt great to get home too!

After getting our "overstuffed to the max" car unpacked, emptying suitcases, sorting and starting laundry, it is sort of late to start composing a MCO recap blog. I will try to work on that over the next day or two. I simply wanted to share our MCO family photos - serious and silly- and to also let you know that we arrived home safely.

One note about the was taken after my nephew, Andy, left but before the arrival of my nephew and niece, Matt & Sarah. My older, adult, nieces and nephews made appearances/departures throughout the week. Not all of them could be there the entire time but I am impressed that, even though they are older, they are still interested in coming to the campouts and made efforts to attend, even if they could only be there for a portion of the week.
There were only 2 people that could not attend at all this year - (1) my 24 yr old nephew, Ryan, who is married and had commitments at home and (2) my 20 yr old niece, Christina, who is currently spending the summer traveling Europe. I am so thrilled that this tradition has lived on and my mom and dad would be so proud!! Additionally, my Aunt Sue (dad's sister) and Uncle Ron were also able to join us for a few days. It was great to share in the fun. I will try to share more stories and photos over the next few days.

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