Thursday, July 2, 2009

This Date in History 7/2/07 - Our Adoption Story

WHHHAAAaaatttt?!?!? Another day of not getting an email update from Russia?? After yesterday's homesick rant there is no update? Is all okay or did they have to commit the new family to the looney bin?

Even though there was no email, I would like to clarify some things for those of you that are reading this story for the first time. Yes, the first several days were quite rough for all of us. Our poor, sweet Madeline cried her eyes out at the sight of Papa. But without a doubt, Papa is now Madeline's "rock star". She lights up when Papa comes home from work and the two of them have a blast playing together while Mama prepares dinner. And, of course, our dear daughter also knows that she has Papa wrapped around her little fingers.

Continue reading our story but know that all the "bumps" you are reading about now are way in the past and that yes, memory *is* selective. Yes, the circumstances of that moment were stressful and thus magnified the time's imperfections . However, we now (very much) have fond memories of our time in Russia.

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