Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shhhhhhh......Surprise Trip

Tomorrow we are heading out for a surprise trip to Indiana. Don't worry, it's safe to post on here as the only person this trip needs to be a surprise for is David's dad but he is not a computer person at all. I am hoping our secret is safe with you.

What is the purpose of the surprise? We are surprising David's dad for a birthday celebration dinner along with David's sister & husband (who live in the same town) and David's brother & wife (who live in Milwaukee). It is our understanding that he has no idea of the plan for this surprise.

Our travel arrangements are actually a bit complicated (we never do anything easy!). Madeline and I are dropping David at the airport early in the morning so that he can get to Chicago. David is meeting his best friend Jon (who traveled to Chicago for a work conference after leaving Buffalo). There, David and Jon are going to a 1pm Cubs game and the evening Sox/Yankees game. (Jon is a huge Yankee fan. What's his problem?!?!) I will be driving to Michigan City with Madeline but will have the opportunity half-way through my ride to meet up with another family that we met in Russia. After an afternoon lunch/playdate, Madeline and I will continue our drive. Then, Friday morning, David will take the train into Michigan City to meet up with us for the birthday festivities and we will all drive home together as a family on Sunday.

Tonight, we are busy getting all of our stuff together and Madeline was having a blast working on a special gift for Grandpa (see photo). We are looking forward to our mini getaway before the moving chaos begins next week.

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