Friday, July 31, 2009

Lazy Day Spent Undercover

Today David took the South Shore train from Chicago into Michigan City to meet Madeline and me. Prior to picking David up from the train stop Madeline and I were able to visit with David's mom without ruining the surprise as David's dad was at work. After picking up David, the 3 of us headed out to the town's old fashioned drive-in hot dog stand for lunch. After another quick visit for David to see his mom we had to get out of sight before David's dad came home from work. We decided to head to the beach. In the 14 years I've been traveling to Michigan City, I have never (until today) had the opportunity to spend the afternoon at the beach. We tend to travel here when it is too cold (late Spring and winter) or when time doesn't permit to go to the beach. At first, Madeline was completely freaked out by the waves but before long she was "swimming" around like a little mermaid.

Later in the evening, we headed out for dinner and decided to try a new restaurant, the Shoreline Brewery. The place totally had potential but it was completely overpriced for what you got. Don't get me wrong....we don't mind spending the dough on a good meal but I was not impressed. There was nothing *wrong* with the food and I probably wouldn't have been disappointed if we spent half of the money. Yet, for what we spent we deserved better. I would, however, go back to try one of their sandwiches, rather than an entree.

Despite Madeline being overtired, we decided to head to the hotel's pool before bedtime. This girl is a kid magnet. Both at the beach and at the pool, we acquired some kids that gabbed our ears off and showed us every water stunt they could do. Tooo funny!

Madeline is now, understandably, fast asleep and Mama-Dirtyfoot won't be far behind.

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