Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Killer Cow!

Yesterday was an accident-filled day. First, Madeline fell down the stairs. She is completely FINE. Honestly, I don't know exactly how many stairs she fell down as she had just left the room I was in and I heard the BOOM, BOOM, BOOM....followed by crying. Luckily it was the stairs from the 2nd floor to the main floor that she happened to fall down as they are carpeted. Furthermore, David would say, Madeline is just like Mama and has a hard head. Certainly, I am relieved that Madeline was not hurt but it surely gave me a scare.

Secondly, Madeline has a humidifier in her bedroom that looks like a cow. The lid to the dehumidifier is pretty much what gives the piece its cow features. Yesterday, as Mama-Dirtyfoot was putting away laundry Madeline decided to get silly. So off came the cow lid and onto the top of Madeline's head, like a hat. Madeline thought she was the greatest comedian by dancing around and saying "cow costume". I have to admit, it was pretty cute and therefore, I bent down to give the "mini-cow" a kiss. Just as I did, Madeline turned her head and the "rabid-cow" got me. No....not Madeline, the edge of the humidifier lid scratched my nose. Now I am walking around with a good sized scratch at the very tip of my nose. It looks as though I got crazy and dove face first into some chocolate. But, I'll take that as yesterday's accidents could have been much worse.


Patti said...

Ouch! Please be careful of seemingly harmless household items! I'm glad it wasn't any worse, especially falling down the stairs - yikes! There must be something in the air- we've had our share of bumps and bruises over the past few days as well. I skinned my elbow when I tripped and fell on the driveway, and Tyler skinned his elbow and upper and lower lips falling off of his scooter. Surprisingly Alex has steered clear of any injuries. Now THAT is rare! Take care of yourselves!

Amy said...

Is there a full moon??