Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Howdy Ho

For those that you that don't know the reference to the title above, "Howdy Ho" is the greetings given from Mr. Hankey, a South Park Character. Mr. Hankey is a talking piece of feces. He emerges from the toilet bowl on Christmas Eve and brings presents to good boys and girls whose diets have been high in fiber. Okay, so if you follow my blog, you know that I like to add a picture to my blog posts to match my text. I was going to include Mr. Hankey (the cartoon character of course....) but I decided against it. If you wish to see Mr. Hankey click here.

Anyway, why is my post about poop? Our dear daughter seems to have a PhD in bathroom humor. When in doubt, say the word poop. We have been working on this at home but I knew that the time would come where she would test the limits with this at school. Sure enough, Madeline's teacher called me yesterday afternoon. I guess it was a morning filled with potty talk by a majority of the children (welcome to Pre-K). The teacher talked about how that is not something to talk about in front of others blah, blah, blah. A girl in Madeline's class continued to say poop afterwards and had to sit in the thinking chair (time out). Our sweet Madeline decided to see if the same rules applied to her and she also said poop and landed in the thinking chair too. So as the Mama, I talked to Madeline and explained why her teacher called me. It killed me but I also told her that anytime her teacher calls to tell me she was put in the thinking chair at school she would have a time out at home. She needs to know that there will always be follow through at home.....ugh that killed me, but I would rather have this conversation at 3 years old rather than at 10 years old. Madeline and I talked it out but for some reason it killed me to put her in this time out yesterday. Maybe its because somewhere inside I know that deep down, Mama-Dirtyfoot never outgrew the bathroom humor stage either.


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