Saturday, August 1, 2009

SURPRISE! - Happy 75th Birthday!

The birthday surprise was pulled off without a glitch! However, before the celebration the three of us had to occupy ourselves until the party began. Although we considered heading to the beach again today, thoughts of that were washed away with the rain that arrived. Instead, we headed to the hotel pool. Madeline truly is becoming quite the little fish (see video at bottom - terrible quality as was taken with my phone, but you can see how she completely goes underwater!)

As far as the birthday festivities, David's dad was completely surprised. He thought he was just heading to dinner with David's mom but when he arrived, the entire family (us traveling from NY and brother Ed's family traveling from Wisconsin....Carolyn & Dan live in town) was at the restaurant. Madeline greeted Grandpa with a Happy Birthday balloon. It was a very nice get-together thanks to David's sister Carolyn who coordinated all the small details of the event. Aside from decorations, great favors, and the cake (which she had all of us sign with icing before Dad arrived) Carolyn even went to the trouble of getting a box of gag props so that we could take a "walk on the wild side" with a silly picture. After the family completely overtook a section of the restaurant, (ooooppppsss, sorry co-diners) we headed back to David's parents house to visit some more. A good time was had by all! Happy Birthday, Pop.

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