Monday, September 28, 2009

Back Home.....waiting for Papa

Madeline and I started the morning with a Margaret tradition, a Panera's breakfast. After a long car ride that included a few nonsensical "Maddie moments" (tantrums) we were both glad to get home. When pajama time came, Madeline wanted to wear her new Tinkerbell nightgown that Grandma and Grandpa sent her. There is some wicked weather here in Western New York tonight so the flannel nightgown will keep Madeline nice and cozy. The nightgown is still a little big on her but Madeline simply couldn't wait.

Last night, David ended up going to the ballet in China. No, the ballet wasn't exactly by David's choice and Nooooo, the "Chinese ballet" is not the same as the "Canadian ballet"......David *really* did go to see a ballet. Today, as I type this, David is en route to Shanghai where he will depart from Shanghai at 3:45pm (3:45am EST time) and fly direct to Newark. After a connecting flight from Newark to Buffalo, David will be HOME!!!!! All three of us can't wait!