Monday, September 7, 2009

Paul's Visit - Sunday Recap

Often times when Paul visits he enjoys to allow me to put my feet up and make a meal. This time around, Paul made a specialty of his family, "Hungry Man Breakfast"......yum, yum, yummy!

Once we got our day started we decided to head over to a German Festival in Cheektowaga. It ended up being a slightly lame festival but we made our own good time. We had a few beers and grabbed a snack. We even sampled the Limburger and Onion on Rye in honor of my mom (she liked wacky food like that). I now know the reason Limburger has the reputation of stink. Yep, it seriously smelled like butt! We even did a couple polkas. I must say that Rachel, Becky and Zac were such good sports with Madeline. For college age "kids" they were extremely patient with her and each of them even agreed to go on the dance floor with her. The absolute most priceless moment was the look she gave Zac when they got on the dance floor. She was in total awe. I really think that in her mind she imagined she was dancing at a ball with a prince. At the festival they had a few activities for kids. Madeline enjoyed the bounce house and they also had a face painting table. Madeline chose to have her arm painted instead with Cinderella's glass appropriate. While Madeline was in the bounce house a bee flew up the leg of my shorts. As I shifted my posture, the bee got stuck in my shorts and I got a nice bee sting on my thigh......OUCH!!!!

After leaving the festival the Kentucky group headed out for a Wegman's pilgrimage. They ended up getting two coolers full of stuff. There's no place like Wegmans!!!! The funny thing is that Zac liked the Wegmans Chicken Wing Cheese Spread that I put out for snacks on Saturday so much that he bought 4 containers of that stuff to take home. The funny thing is that it will probably all be gone by the end of the week. He has a true college boy's appetite. While the crew was shopping, David took time to set up the hammock that he got for Father's Day. This is the first time it was set up and used......oh soooooo relaxing!!!

For dinner, yet another Buffalo delicacy, LaNova Pizza (and of course some more wings). You've never had pizza until you've had a good Buffalo pizza. And for those readers out there that have never had pizza outside of Buffalo, it is scary what other parts of the country claim as pizza. After dinner, and after Madeline went to bed, we decided to play a game again. We were considering a rematch of the games we played the night before but Paul asked what kind of games David and I owned. I made a trip into our basement and, as I joke, I brought up Twister. After sitting around a while, with the game staring at us, Becky, Rachel and Zac decided to attempt the game. Ok....I admit, I started the game with them but I barely lasted three spins before I fell over. A 39 year old just can't compete with those in late teens/early 20s. After the "kids" had their try at Twister, I challenged David to a game. Yep.....that didn't last long either. An innocent game of Twister quickly makes you realize that your body doesn't move the way that it used to. Next, the peer pressure was put on Paul (who is 8 years older than me) and Penny. I was impressed with the performance of the "senior division" (hahahaha-couldn't resist). Despite age slapping us in the face during our Twister games, it was pretty darn funny and we had a lot of laughs.

The game night continued and the ante was upped. We decided to have a rematch of Cranium. We switched up the teams for a Battle of the Sexes. The losing team had to jump in the pool. By this point it was about 11pm and the pool's temperature Sunday morning was 66 degrees. It was a close match but the girls won!! Oh how fun it was to see the boys pay off on our bet. Good thing, the hot tub was waiting for them. All 7 of us (Madeline was sleeping) ended up squeezing in hot tub where we talked about silly stuff. It really was a fun day!


Paul said...

Even though sour-puss Paul didn't want to play Twister, it was the ice-breaker. The evening landed up to be great. And, as Amy mentioned, there was another ice-breaker as we jumped into the pool.

Lots 'o fun

Penny said...

Thanks for not saying how many years older than you I am!

Thanks for a great time!

Amy said...

Penny, we all know that Paul robbed the cradle when he married you ;-)